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NL201 hung (LED Power blinking)

gkavka Dec 7, 2017 02:56 PM

Hi. I have an NL201 that worked ok. He started blinking the red power LED and we lost connection.
With the USB connection and the "Device configuration utility" I can connect to the serial port. I do not see all the values, I can not load the factory values. I can modify the values, but by pressing the "Apply" button, the software will hang up and everything will remain the same.
Something to do? Can forcefully load the OS again?

GaryTRoberts Dec 7, 2017 09:37 PM

Yes.  Try sending a new OS using DevConfig.  Use the latest OS from https://www.campbellsci.com/downloads/nl200-nl201-firmware.  If that does not do the trick, contact your local Campbell Scientific person to work out a RMA for your NL201.  It acts like it is possibly damaged.

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