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Issue on FTP data transfer with last OS on CR1000 and CR6 (OS 7 and OS 32)

hal9000 Dec 6, 2017 05:21 AM

Hi everybody

I have an issue with the last revision of CR6 and CR1000 operating system (OS 7 and OS 32).

I have two independent data loggers, one CR6 and one CR1000, which run a similar program; they acquire meteorological data and transfer them, every hour or every four hours, to a FTP server via a GPRS Modem. Between every data transmission, PPP connection is closed to allow the remote management of the logger. Therefore, every data transfer procedure is operated by the following steps:
  Check for valid IP address

Before the last OS update the programs ran fine (data acquisition and data transfer) on both loggers. Previous OS was 6.03 for CR6 and 31 for CR1000.
After the last OS update:

  1. The programs are compiled without any problem and run on both data logger.
  2. The data acquisition is OK.
  3. The data transfer works successfully only on the first time it is called, then fails to transfer on the successive iterations. Apparently, PPPOpen instruction acquires an IP address, but then gives a time out result.

Since at every data transfer a record status is appended to a table, we can see that only on the first time the FTP transfer is completed: 

"2017-12-04 12:00:38.324",0,0,1,17,0,-1,"",-1,-1
"2017-12-04 16:01:47.561",1,0,1,17,0,-1,"",0,-1
"2017-12-04 20:01:45.287",2,0,1,16,0,-1,"",0,-1
"2017-12-05 00:04:57.14",3,0,1,15,0,-1,"",0,-1
"2017-12-05 04:04:15.214",4,0,1,15,0,-1,"",0,-1

 When the data transfer fails the IPTrace shows:
00:01:44.816  tcp_open timed out
00:01:44.816  ftp client FAILED

By the Device Configuration Utility the loggers configurations was restored to the previous one, by uploading the last .xml configuration file.

Some tests on another logger show the same problem with a PingIP instruction (instead the FTP instruction).

Is there a solution for this problem, without the OS downgrade (impossible to do with remote connection)?

Thank you for attention

hal9000 Dec 7, 2017 07:52 AM

Hi everybody
I performed further tests, using the program below:


'To start the test switch StartPingTest to true
'To pestart the program switch RestartProgram to true
'If PingTime = 0 ping has failed
Public StartPingTest As Boolean, RestartProgram As Boolean
Public PingTestInProgress As Boolean, IP_Info As String * 30
Public PingTime(5), PPP_Close As Boolean
Dim i

DataTable (PingResult,True,200)
	Sample (1,IP_Info,String)
	Sample (5,PingTime,FP2)
	Sample (1,PPP_Close,Boolean)

	Scan (1,Sec,0,0)
		If StartPingTest AND NOT PingTestInProgress Then TriggerSequence (1,0)
		If RestartProgram AND NOT PingTestInProgress Then Restart 

		StartPingTest = False
		PPP_Close = False
		PingTestInProgress = True
		For i=1 To 5
			PingTime(i) = -99
		Next i
		IP_Info = ""
		IP_Info = PPPOpen
		Delay (0,2,Sec)
		If IP_Info <> "" Then
			For i=1 To 5
				PingTime(i) = PingIP(	"", 2000) 'ping to npt.inrim.it
				Delay (0,1,Sec)
			Next i
			PPP_Close = PPPClose
		CallTable PingResult
		PingTestInProgress = False



These tests comfirm that, after the first PPPOpen - PPPClose sequence, internet connection don't work, with OS 32 .
With OS 32 Ping runs successfully only the first time that PPP connection is open after powerup or restart (in table below, software restart has occurred before record n. 3)


"2017-12-07 12:18:01.35",0,"",810,1290,1790,940,1350,-1
"2017-12-07 12:18:48.61",1,"",0,0,0,0,0,-1
"2017-12-07 12:19:52.87",2,"",0,0,0,0,0,-1
"2017-12-07 12:21:03.53",3,"",730,1370,1170,740,1340,-1
"2017-12-07 12:21:48.52",4,"",0,0,0,0,0,-1
"2017-12-07 12:22:31.65",5,"",0,0,0,0,0,-1


With OS 31.08 Ping run always successfully. 


"2017-12-07 13:09:05.73",0,"",1030,1390,1310,1110,1250,-1
"2017-12-07 13:09:58.47",1,"",830,670,710,710,790,-1
"2017-12-07 13:10:33.81",2,"",930,1750,1870,1230,1230,-1
"2017-12-07 13:11:44.31",3,"",960,950,950,830,1110,-1
"2017-12-07 13:12:18.77",4,"",940,1370,1190,0,980,-1
"2017-12-07 13:13:02.91",5,"",1100,1210,630,590,870,-1


Thank for your attention

GaryTRoberts Dec 7, 2017 11:24 AM


Thank you for the detailed report and for the test program.  Yes, PingIP is broken in these operating system following a PPPClose.  Sorry, I don't have a work around for you at this time.  We will work with Engineering to see if we can't come up with something as they did into the bug.

smile Dec 14, 2017 11:31 PM

Hi to All

While waiting for the solution, I suggest using the AT # FTP command set



aps Dec 15, 2017 06:14 AM

We now know what the problem is and are working hard on testing a new operating system to fix the issue with opening and closing PPP.  Meanwhile we are recommending users do not run OS7 or OS32 if they are using a PPP connection, they should use the prior versions which are avaialble from the support/downloads page.

Can I offer our apologies for this issue.  I am sure we will be testing this feature more thoroughly for future releases.

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