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3-WIRE PT100 TO CR1000

LOPEZDIAZ Nov 3, 2017 07:58 PM

What kind of resistor (precision and power) should I use to conect a 3-WIRE RDT PT100 to CR1000 datalogger?.

I found this https://www.campbellsci.com/forum?forum=1&l=thread&tid=1974

Thank you all!

JDavis Nov 3, 2017 08:42 PM

I suggest looking on the manual for the 3WHB10K.


It shows the circuit and the value of the resistor. If you wire your circuit the same, you can use the same program examples.

LOPEZDIAZ Dec 12, 2017 06:27 PM

THANK´S VERY MUCH, jdavis. i Could ALREADY CONNECT. NOW I'M TRYING TO CONNECT TO THE MULTIPLEXER AM16/32B, ANY IDEA for wiring and programing?. Thanks...

JDavis Dec 12, 2017 08:01 PM

I modified the example from the other forum post and inserted it below. 

'3WHB10K inserted in 1H and 1L
'  Black wire to VX1 on CR1000

'AM16/32B with switch set to 4x16
'AM16/32B         CR1000
'12V              12V
'G                G
'RES              C1
'CLK              C2
'COM ODD H        H on 3WHB10K
'COM ODD L        L on 3WHB10K
'COM EVEN H   G on 3WHB10K

'PRT Wiring
'Top PRT        AM16/32B
'Black            1H
'Black            1L
'White            2H

'Solar PRT        AM16/32B
'Black            3H
'Black            3L
'White            4H

'Middle PRT        AM16/32B
'Black            5H
'Black            5L
'White            6H


Dim BattV
Dim PTemp_C
Public Top,Solar,Middle,Bottom,Ambient_1,Ambient_2
Public Top_Res,Solar_Res,Middle_Res,Bottom_Res,Ambient_1_Res, Ambient_2_Res

Units BattV = Volts
Units PTemp_C = Deg C

DataTable (HourlyData,True,-1 )
  DataInterval (0,1,Hr,10)
  Average (1,Top,FP2,False)
  Average (1,Solar,FP2,False)
  Average (1,Middle,FP2,False)
  Average (1,Bottom,FP2,False)
  Average (1,Ambient_1,FP2,False)
  Average (1,Ambient_2,FP2,False)

'Main Program
  'Main Scan

    'Default Datalogger Battery Voltage measurement BattV
    'Default Wiring Panel Temperature measurement PTemp_C

    PortSet (2,0) 'Makes sure clock line starts low
    PortSet (1 ,1 ) 'Turns on the AM16/32B multiplexer
    Delay (0,150,mSec) 'Allow multiplexer to power on

    PulsePort (2,10000) 'Advance multiplexer to first set of channels

    'The channel numbers do not change on the datalogger between measurements, because a multiplexer is used.
    PRTCalc (Top,1,Top_Res,1,1,0)

    PulsePort (2,10000) 'Advance multiplexer channel
    PRTCalc (Middle,1,Middle_Res,1,1,0)

    PulsePort (2,10000) 'Advance multiplexer channel
    PRTCalc (Bottom,1,Bottom_Res,1,1,0)

    PulsePort (2,10000) 'Advance multiplexer channel
    PRTCalc (Solar,1,Solar_Res,1,1,0)

    PulsePort (2,10000) 'Advance multiplexer channel
    PRTCalc (Ambient_1,1,Ambient_1_Res,1,1,0)

    PulsePort (2,10000) 'Advance multiplexer channel
    PRTCalc (Ambient_2,1,Ambient_2_Res,1,1,0)

    PortSet (1 ,0) 'Turn off multiplexer

    'Call Data Tables and Store Data
    CallTable HourlyData



LOPEZDIAZ Dec 13, 2017 06:50 AM

It worked perfectly!!. Thanks for you answer..thanks for all. You helped me right when I needed help most.

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