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set free Emailrelay() in a Network restricted

kokihualpa Nov 2, 2017 07:15 PM

We have installed a CR6 datalogger in a customer that has a network restricted.

when I used emailrelay() it cant send email in the account of the client even in its email corporative.

they ask me the follow data for set free the network for send emails of the datalogger:

IP origin (of datalogger I kow that)

IP destiny ( That is the cloud where emailrelay() sending the emails).

Port ( in this case is the port of the corporative account, I ask the set free the 6785 too)

my question is what is the cloud that emailrelay() use to send email for we can ask them set freedom? I need to ask set freedom.

aps Nov 3, 2017 11:00 AM

The Emailrelay instruction does not send an email directly from the logger.   It sends the message to the Konectgds servers in the Azure cloud which form the email and send it out via the Sendgrid.net email service.

The email will appear to come from emailrelay@konectgds.com.   The exact IP address of the server that sends email will be within the Azure cloud platform and is not fixed.   The email is then transmitted by the Sendgrid.net service to your own mail servers using standard mail services using standard ports.

Hopefully with that information they can let the email come through.

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