The ET107 weather station measures rain, wind, temperature, humidity, and solar radiation, then calculates evapotranspiration to help you regulate irrigation. Correct watering produces healthy turf, and happy turf users!

We've built the ET107 with a sealed enclosure for the CR1000 datalogger and battery. The wiring is run inside the aluminum frame and pole to minimize exposure. This attention to dependability means your weather station will run for years with minimal maintenance.

And the flexibility of design means we can customize the system for your needs: measure snow, soil temperature, or soil water content; run on AC power or a solar panel; communicate by phone lines or wirelessly.

Custom Weather Stations

Just as there are hundreds of specific needs for weather data, there are hundreds of Campbell Scientific weather station configurations. We can customize a system and help you match components whether you are growing crops or managing recreation areas. . . . more