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From the ENERGYEAR website (translated):

The country project and the leadership baton taken by Chile in energy, renewable, and sustainable matters in Latin America have made it one of the most attractive markets, and without a doubt, with greater projection and progress for the consolidation of the energy transition local and regional, reaching relevant milestones in development, generation, and innovation among others, but also posing important challenges in aspects such as transmission or storage, to name a couple.

With its mind set on the future, and the need to overcome the challenges that the market presents a priori, Chile continues with its constant and advanced step towards a green future, which allows it to continue taking advantage of its renewable resource, while promoting economic development and social with an energy and electrical matrix at the forefront and that provides necessary security and self-sufficiency through timely investment in a global energy panorama of uncertainty.

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Date: March 5-6, 2024
Location: Santiago, Chile

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