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Acquisition of Coastal Environmental Systems by Campbell Scientific

Coastal Environmental Systems and Campbell Scientific are now commonly known as Campbell Scientific, with operations located at a single headquarters in Logan, Utah, USA. Coastal Environmental Systems' extensive project experience in mission-critical applications are unified with Campbell Scientific’s product design and manufacturing expertise. These combined efforts allow us to build on our legacy to provide flexible and sensor-agnostic turnkey aviation weather solutions for our customers. We pride ourselves in building state-of-the-art Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) software and hardware that are rugged and reliable in the most extreme environments. We invite you to visit our dedicated Aviation Weather page

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Campbell Scientific continues the tradition of providing rugged, all-in-one stations with the continuation of the WEATHERPAK® product line. New, rebranded WEATHERPAK® designs combine industry-leading Campbell Scientific measurement technology with a field-proven, integrated design. In addition to new turnkey solutions, Campbell Scientific offers support and repair services for legacy WEATHERPAK® systems, as well as an upgrade program.

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Continuation of Coastal Environmental's Aviation Solutions

After the acquisition of global, turnkey aviation weather solutions provider Coastal Environmental Systems in 2016, Campbell Scientific has continued to assemble a cross-functional team of AWOS experts and support staff from across the industry whose singular mission is to serve you, the airport customer. We pride ourselves on building AWOS software and hardware that are modern, very flexible, and highly configurable—as well as rugged and reliable in even the most extreme environmental conditions. Campbell Scientific’s AWOS have been designed to provide you with solutions ranging from phased upgrades to integration with existing systems from any manufacturer to complete, turnkey systems that are tailored for air traffic controllers, meteorological observers, maintenance personnel, and other airport stakeholders.

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