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From the CBAGRO 2023 website (translated):

Current agricultural production systems may not be effective, viable and/or sustainable in a scenario of a warmer planet. Thus, they will need to be adapted in order to become sustainable in a more extreme climate scenario in conjunction with a growing world population, which will demand more food. Thus, to meet this demand in the face of an adverse scenario, more efficient food production systems will be needed. In this context, Agrometeorology plays a fundamental role in providing technical and scientific support for the development of new technologies that make the Brazilian production chain more sustainable. Thus, the theme of the XXII CBAGRO, VI ECLIM and X RLA is "Agrometeorology and Agriculture: Adaptation to Climate Change."

The event will feature lectures and round tables by specialists to discuss the main problems that agricultural activity has been suffering and will suffer, due to climate changes that have produced more frequent extreme events. Public and private companies, and non-governmental organizations will exhibit methods and technologies for adapting and overcoming the agricultural sector to weather and climate adversities. Scientific experiences will be presented in the form of complete works by congressmen from the most varied institutions, regions and production sectors, reporting the importance of agrometeorology in improving their perceptions about agricultural activities through extreme climatic conditions.

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Date: October 3-6, 2023
Location: Natal, Brazil

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