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From the Varysian website:

The Caribbean hydrometeorological community is gearing up for some large funding to increase the capacity of the region’s hydrometeorological networks. With ‘Disaster Risk Reduction’ so crucial to the region, the World Bank and WMO involvement have heightened dramatically, especially in light of the recent devastation caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria. The need for private sector involvement is growing, but knowledge of the possibilities is still limited, both from the public sector and private sector.

​We are being assisted by the Caribbean Meteorological Organization (CMO) to create a Varysian Symposium to bring together all 16 CMO member Directors of NHMS in the region, Directors from WMO initiatives including CREWS, GFCS, PPP and CIMO. Together with private sector involvement, key presentations, including the NHMS themselves, and roundtable discussions. The Symposium will foster new connections for new business, and facilitate conversations with policy and programme makers, as well as the NHMS themselves on how to best include all parties to tackle the issues faced in the region.

The agenda will contain presentations, Q&As and one-on-ones with all participating stakeholders, with private sector involvement and expertise being key. There will be a maximum of 22 companies who can take part in this invite-only gathering.

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Date: November 6-8, 2019
Location: Christ Church, Barbados

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