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From the American Meteorological Society website:

We are seeing a growing influence of weather, water, and climate on the security of nations and their peoples due to a rapidly increasing global population (including a growing percentage that are migrating to coastal areas and/or away from areas of crises) coupled with evolving human and national security impacts from the disruption of weather and climate norms.

The theme of Environmental Security will inform AMS members and meeting attendees on the connections between our scientific field and larger societal impacts, and it will demonstrate how important our contributions are to the basic security needs of the United States and the world, particularly for vulnerable groups.

The 102nd Annual Meeting provides an opportunity to bring together world-class experts on extreme weather and climate with researchers in the fields of water quality/scarcity, energy, food, and health/diseases. This two-way exchange of expertise will inspire new insights into the linkages and impacts among these diverse scientific disciplines and illustrate how water, weather, and climate research can help shape policy to benefit all areas of environmental security.

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Date: January 23-27, 2022
Location: Virtual

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