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Due to the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus, events may be postponed or cancelled. Refer to the organizer's website to confirm the current event dates.

Event Description

The Advanced CRBasic Datalogger and LoggerNet Training Course is a comprehensive, advanced level course suitable for both intermediate users and confident users wishing to gain a greater understanding of the data logger and CRBasic programming.

The daily schedule will be as follows:

Daily Schedule

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM (MDT) 

The training course is taught by Campbell Scientific support engineers. Class size is limited to ensure personalized instruction and assistance. "Hands-on" programming exercises and course handouts are used to reinforce the concepts covered by the instructors.

An outline of possible course topics is listed below:

  • Datalogger Expansion options
  • SDM Practice, Relay Control, 0-10, I/O modules
  • Programming for CDM/CPI
  • CS I/O set up for multiple devices, add progrram to switch from WiFi to cell, to satellite
  • Radio setup, testing, troubleshooting, and moving data
  • ModBus & DNP3 practice
  • IoT and MQTT practice
  • Advanced Serial Sensors Comms, 8 bit, 7  bit, N, parity, stop bit, MoveBytes, SerialRecordIn, BigEndian, LittleEndian
  • SMS & Email
  • FTP
  • Motor control
  • Relay controls & options
  • SSR relays
  • ULN2003A chip to amplify relay control
  • PWM in practice, SDM, C1-8, SSR, SW12 with resistor & insulated TC
  • Speed control/proportional control/ PID control
  • CRBasic code troubleshooting. Comment sections of code. Debug, Watch mode.
  • Multiplier & Offset pitfalls and mistakes
  • All three pulse options: Rain, Photo chopper, LLAC, Using c ports, period average
  • Double math
  • Timer usage, edge timing
  • Locking down all security settings
  • Conditional #If programming, Using CRB
  • I2C, SPI programming and testing
  • How to calculate "Uncertainty"
  • Burst mode for VoltSE & VoltDiff
  • AC Power, Amperage wave form.
  • Deep dive into Resistance measurements
  • 4-20 mA input, 4-20 output

Required Materials:

Students will have the best experience if they locally have equipment for performing the programming exercises. However, remote connection to equipment at Campbell Scientific is available for all who need it.

Equipment available via remote connection:

  • CR1000X datalogger (also CR310 and CR6 dataloggers)
  • Pair of thermocouples
  • Small LED
  • HygroVUE5 - Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • 03002 - Wind Speed and Wind Direction Sensor
  • Power Supply

Recommended list of local equipment:

  • Campbell Scientific data logger with CRBasic support (ex: CR300, CR6, or CR1000X) and appropriate power supply
  • Two thermocouples
  • Small LED with current limit resistor
  • Environmental sensors of interest
  • MicroUSB to connect data logger to computer
  • Digital Multimeter

Required equipment for all participants:

  • Computer with high speed internet connection
  • Webcam
  • LoggerNet software installed on computer (a 30-day trial version of LoggerNet software is available here). If you already own the full software, please ensure you have updated to the latest version of LoggerNet.

Campbell Scientific, Inc. will provide certificates for attendees to apply for 2.3 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) through their appropriate regulatory agencies. It is the responsibility of the trainee to apply with their regulatory agency.

Occasionally, a class may not meet our low-enrollment requirements (5 person minimum). In such cases, we reserve the right to cancel the class session and any training fees already paid will be refunded. We will attempt to provide ten days notice if a class is canceled.


Please Note: The cost for the training is $995 per person. The course is free for Campbell Scientific employees.
Confirm availability then click on the Seats Available link above. You will receive notification, via e-mail or fax, that your registration form has been received. You are not registered until you have received either a faxed or e-mail confirmation. Someone will contact you regarding payment.

Event Details
Seats Available: 8
Date: February 21-25, 2022
Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm MST
Location: Virtual
Cost: $995 per attendee
CEU: 2.3
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