Event Description

From the National Integrated Drought Information System website:

There is an interactive agenda planned with a mixture of business and networking. Classic "business" topics will include:

  • AASC Mesonet Recognition Program
  • Updates to the AASC Mesonet Best Practices document
  • Funding ideas and opportunities
  • Development of a professional mentoring / training program
  • AASC Mesonet website, promotion, and marketing
  • Updates from our key partners

This meeting is intended to foster discussion on issues that affect the way mesonets operate rather than a program of individual presentations. Interaction is a key part of this goal, hence the in-person structure. The AASC Mesonet Committee hopes to integrate opportunities for attendees to interact to continue to foster the community, share lessons learned, and build a connection of resources for everyone’s success.

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Event Details
Date: July 26-28, 2023
Location: Davenport, IA

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