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Event Description

From the Varysian website:

The development of capacity in the African Regional Weather Enterprise (ARWE) is essential to protecting lives and livelihoods across the African continent. HydrometAFRICA is designed to provide a platform for constructive work towards the end goal of building effective and resilient weather enterprise from infrastructure to the last mile.

HydrometAFRICA will bring together key actors in the ARWE value chain to develop a common understanding of their respective capability, capacity, roles and responsibilities in relation to one another, and help to shape future resilient weather and climate services in partnership.

There is an opportunity to uncover funding, partnership and operational models that will enable the efficient and sustainable development of weather and climate infrastructure and services in Africa, and create mutual benefit starting from a position of trust.

The goal of HydrometAFRICA is to support the creation of better weather services through capacity building, knowledge sharing and Public-Private Engagement (PPE) towards long-lasting partnerships.

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Date: October 13-15, 2020
Location: Virtual

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