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Current Products

PC200W Datalogger Starter Software

Current Version: 4.2 PC200W is a free starter software package designed for first-time users or users with simple data communication needs; it provides basic tools (clock...

Short Cut Short Cut Program Generator for Windows (SCWin)

Current Version: 3.1 Short Cut Program Generator (SCWin) is a free, menu-driven, PC-compatible software package that simplifies the creation of datalogger programs; it creates a datalogger...

PC400 Datalogger Support Software

Current Version: 4.2 PC400 is Campbell Scientific's mid-level datalogger support software. This versatile software supports a variety of telecommunication options, manual data collection, and data display....

PC400/U Upgrade to Current Version

PC400/U is an upgrade to the current version of PC400. To be eligible for the upgrade, you must currently own an earlier version of PC400. PC400...

LoggerNet Datalogger Support Software Packages

LoggerNet is Campbell Scientific’s full-featured datalogger support software. It is referred to as "full-featured" because it provides a way to accomplish almost all the tasks...

RTDAQ Real-Time Data Acquisition Software

Current Version: 1.1 RTDAQ is Campbell Scientific's datalogger support software targeted for high-speed data acquisition applications. This versatile software supports a variety of telecommunication options, manual...

RTDAQ/U Upgrade to Current Version

Current Version: 1.1 RTDAQ/U is an upgrade to the current version of RTDAQ. To be eligible for the upgrade, you must currently own a copy of...


Is there a version of LoggerNet that will run on a Linux computer?

Yes. LoggerNet for Linux (LNLinux) allows the LoggerNet server to be run on a Linux computer. The LoggerNet server collects and stores the data, while setup and management of the network are easily handled from a Windows computer running LoggerNet Remote or, rather tediously, using Cora Command on the Linux computer.

Does Campbell Scientific software contain spyware?

No. The libexpat.dll module used by some of our applications is sometimes identified as spyware by anti-spyware programs. It is an open-source XML parser, not spyware.

Where is the Transformer tool?

Transformer is available within LoggerNet 3.2 and higher.

  • From the Windows Start Menu, navigate to LoggerNet3.0 | Utilities | Transformer.
  • In LoggerNet 4.x, from the main LoggerNet window, navigate to Program | Transformer.

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About Datalogger Support Software

Our datalogger support software packages support datalogger programming, communications between datalogger and PC, and to varied extents, real-time and historical data monitoring. They allow a customer to support a single station or an entire datalogger network.

PC200W and ShortCut are designed to get you "up and running" quickly. These are easy-to-use software products intended for first time users or applications that don't require sophisticated communications or datalogger program editing.

PC400 software supports datalogger programming and telecommunications of a single device. If networks of dataloggers are required, we recommend using our LoggerNet client-server software. LoggerNet supports unattended telecommunications with each datalogger in the network as well as the ability for many users to simultaneously access data from the datalogger network.

RTDAQ is designed for high-speed data retrieval, and complements our CR5000, and CR9000X dataloggers. If telemetry is required for CR5000, CR9000, or CR9000X applications, LoggerNet is required.

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