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Question/Topic Posted By Replies
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TableFile Bug? meteor 1
Vaisala HMP45DUS (not HMP45D) T/RH sensor with CR800/CR1000 weatherguy 0
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RS 485 Modbus and CR1000 mikesheridan 4
CR1000 ethernet communication lost HAB050607 3
Best strategy for connecting several CR1000 to a LAN? enmet 8
R.M. Young 81000 Serial Output to CR6 Datalogger Frankymt 2
CR1000 default http web page GeodeNZ 2
StartUpCode SebastienLisah 0
Allocate memory on PC card for data Ema2017 0
How to create a custom sensor file for CR9000X? Ema2017 6
Problem with weather display (RTMC Webserver) maurixio 2
RTMC Time Series how to draw a horizontal level? jonny 2
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CRBASIC TableFile timestamp file name capmon 3
sdi12 timing problem, 1Hz, four WindSonic4 on one CR3000 Phil_AT 3
Cr1000 send and receive hex-strings ed 1
reading/formatting cmf100 card via loggernet a.sjoblom 1
Storing latitude and longitude with sufficient precision pokeeffe 3
Winddirection Makada 0
MET ONE 03B Wind Set MM81 4