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Current Version: 4.3

PC400 is Campbell Scientific's mid-level datalogger support software. This versatile software supports a variety of telecommunication options, manual data collection, and data display. PC400 includes an easy-to-use program generator (Short Cut) as well as full-featured program editors (CRBasic, Edlog).

PC400 does not support combined communication options (e.g., phone-to-RF), PakBus® routing, or scheduled data collection; LoggerNet software is recommended for applications that require those capabilities.

Benefits and Features

  • EZSetup Wizard for easier station setup
  • Support for our CR200-series, CR510, CR800/850, CR10, CR10X, CR1000, CR6, 21X, CR23X, CR7, CR3000, CR5000, CR9000, and CR9000X dataloggers with mixed-array, table-data, or PakBus┬« datalogger operating systems
  • ShortCut, Edlog, and CRBasic programming tools used to create/edit datalogger programs that measure sensors and control SDM devices, multiplexers, and relays
  • Data retrieval via direct connect, phone modems, Ethernet, radios (UHF, VHF or spread spectrum), or multidrop modems
  • Real-time or historic data displays
  • Time-series graphs for unlimited elements from a data file
  • Troubleshooting tools (terminal emulator and communications log)
  • Device Configuration Utility for setting up Campbell Scientific hardware

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