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Passive no-contact detector, ideal replacement for snow pillow
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The CS725 measures snow-water equivalent (SWE) by passively detecting the change in naturally occurring electromagnetic energy from the ground after it passes through snow cover. It is mounted above the ground and has no contact with the snow. As the snow pack increases, the sensor detects the attenuation of the electromagnetic energy from the ground, and SWE can be calculated. The measurement area of the CS725 is 50 to 100 square meters (540 to 1,075 square feet), making it an excellent replacement sensor for the traditional snow pillow and snow scale.

Benefits and Features

  • Performance not affected by rainfall or snowfall
  • Effective with any type of snow or ice
  • Excellent replacement for traditional snow-pillow sensors
  • Non-contact measurement
  • Does not cause the melt of light snow
  • Greatly reduces the need for site visits
  • No site preparation or earthworks required for setup
  • 5-10 times the measurement area of the nearest competitor
  • Not affected by snow bridging
  • Will not cause snow drifting
  • Seven-year maintenance cycle
  • No antifreeze chemicals used (i.e., glycol)

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