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ET107 Evapotranspiration Monitoring Station

Our ET107 ETo station consists of meteorological sensors, an aluminum 3 m pole, and an environmental enclosure that houses a CR1000M module and a 7...

RAWS-F Remote Automated Weather Station, Fire Weather

Our RAWS-F Fire Weather Quick Deployment Station is ideal for prescribed burns or other temporary installations. Customers can set up the station in as little...

RAWS-H Remote Automated Weather Station, Handar Retrofit

Our RAWS-H was designed to allow you to upgrade an existing Handar weather station to a Campbell Scientific RAWS system. A RAWS-H station consists of a...

RAWS-P Remote Automated Weather Station, Permanent

The RAWS-P is a CR1000-based weather station that combines flexibility with ease of use. With the RAWS-P, sensors and mounting peripherals are purchased separately--allowing you...


Which products need to be purchased to make a complete weather station?

Purchase products based on the needs that have to be met. First, define what measurements need to be made and the required resolution of the measurements. Next, decide how frequently the data needs to be collected and whether the data can be collected directly or if a form of telecommunication is required.

Review our website pages for available sensors, dataloggers, and data retrieval peripherals. Contact an application engineer at Campbell Scientific to help narrow down the choices and ensure all the necessary components for a working system are accounted for. 

Where can help be obtained to set up a weather station?

This can be done one of two ways:

  1. Purchase a preconfigured weather station, such as the ET107. The ET107 contains a standard set of sensors for weather measurements.
  2. Build a weather station that is customized for the application. Contact Campbell Scientific to have an application engineer help create an application-specific station. This is a service we provide for no additional charge.

Our application engineers can also install a weather station, but there is a fee for this service. 

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About Weather Stations and ETo Stations

Weather Station Siting

Campbell Scientific weather stations are used world-wide for meteorological and climatological monitoring. Our weather stations are known for precision measurement capability, rugged construction, wide operating temperature range, and low power consumption. Campbell Scientific weather stations offer the flexibility to easily change sensor configurations, data processing, and data storage and retrieval options.

Our preconfigured weather stations offer research-grade performance coupled with ease-of-use for weather and climate monitoring. Using our Visual Weather software, configuring your station takes just minutes, yet you still retain the precision measurement capability, rugged construction, wide operating temperature range, and low power consumption expected from Campbell Scientific weather stations. All of our preconfigured weather stations can be fully automated to collect data, can be queried remotely on demand, and are easy to install.