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Integrator / Consultant: GroundWork Renewables, Inc.

GroundWork Renewables procures, installs, and maintains observational met stations. These stations are used to perform a renewable resource assessment in support of an energy production analysis to determine the feasibility to build a utility-scale wind or solar plant. GroundWork manages its clients' field equipment and campaigns, performs maintenance and monitoring, and can quickly perform service calls.

GroundWork Renewables, Inc., provides field meteorological services to supply clients with the knowledge necessary to develop profitable wind and solar energy projects. Groundwork’s core competency is in the installation and maintenance of observational resource assessment stations. We provide crucial data to support the economics of a potential site and reduce the uncertainty of energy production. The firm is intensely client focused, excelling in quick response and the provision of turn-key solutions to field engineering needs.

Supported Applications

Solar Energy

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774 Wave St., Monterey, CA 93940

831/515-5315 fax

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