Measurement and Control Products for WEATHER Measurement and Control Products for WATER Measurement and Control Products for ENERGY Measurement and Control Products for MACHINES Measurement and Control Products for STRUCTURES Measurement and Control Products for EARTH

Located in beautiful Cache Valley, Campbell Scientific, Inc., employs more than 300 people dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art measurement and control systems to customers all over the world.

Campbell Scientific, Inc., provides a competitive, total compensation package coupled with a well-known family-friendly work environment. Founded in 1974, the company has achieved preferred employer status reflected by an average employee tenure of more than 11 years.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Campbell Scientific, Inc., is committed to equal employment opportunity and to a program of affirmative action in order to fulfill that commitment. The company recruits and hires into all positions the most qualified persons that meet the jobā€related requirements. All applicants and employees are treated in employment matters without regard to unlawful criteria including race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, status as a disabled or Vietnam Era Veteran, genetic information, or gender identity or expression, as these terms are defined under applicable law; or any other factor or characteristic protected by law.

Campbell Culture

At Campbell Scientific, Inc., we believe in working together to achieve common goals and in balancing our work lives with other interests in a healthy and manageable way. We believe in removing obstacles that interfere with productivity, celebrating milestones, and finding ways to make work more fun. To this end, we add a comprehensive benefits and compensation package that underscores this philosophy. This package includes resources and rewards that honor employee contributions and that support every aspect of their lives.

Involved Managers

We believe that the growth and success of our business is directly related to the growth and performance of our employees. Our people managers play a key role in making this happen by:

  • modeling Campbell Scientific, Inc., Core Values
  • developing their employees by mentoring; providing honest and direct feedback, as well as ongoing coaching; and finding opportunities to give them more challenging work
  • building strong teams, promoting collaboration, and fostering partnering across functions and business units
  • influencing and building relationships that help remove obstacles to getting the job done
  • leading for exceptional performance and results, ensuring Campbell Scientific, Inc., remains innovative and continues to exceed customer needs


As an employee, you can expect clear and consistent communication with your manager about job expectations and the effect of your contributions on the strategic initiatives of Campbell Scientific, Inc. We strive to ensure that our employees clearly understand the role they play in our company's success.

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