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Current Products

SC115 CS I/O 2 GB Flash Memory Drive with USB Interface

The SC115 is a lightweight, portable, 2 GB device that allows you to augment your onsite data storage or to transport data between the datalogger...

CFM100 CompactFlash Module

The CFM100 stores the datalogger's data on a removable CompactFlash® (CF) card. The CFM100/CF card combination can be used to expand the datalogger's memory, transport...

NL115 Ethernet Interface and CompactFlash Module

Campbell Scientific’s NL115 enables 10baseT Ethernet communications and stores data on a removable CompactFlash® card. This small, rugged communication device connects to the 40-pin peripheral...

CF1 CompactFlash Adapter for PCMCIA Slots

The CF1 adapter allows PCMCIA slots to store and read data on a CompactFlash (CF) card. Devices with a PCMCIA slot include PCs, CR5000 dataloggers,...

17752 USB Memory Card Reader/Writer

The 17752 is a multiple-slot, high-speed reader/writer that allows a computer to read a memory card. When used with Campbell Scientific equipment, the 17752 typically...

CompactFlash Cards

Campbell Scientific offers and recommends the cards shown on the left. The datalogger must have OS 25 or higher to read a CF card with...

microSD Cards

Because Campbell Scientific requires rugged memory in a small form factor, we sell, and embed in our products, micro secure digital (microSD) memory cards  that...


What is ring memory?

The memory in the data cache is considered ring memory. This means that after the data cache fills up, new records begin overwriting the oldest records.

What is the difference between the TableFile() and CardOut() instructions?

CardOut() makes the memory card an extension of the datalogger’s memory. TableFile() uses the memory card simply as a storage medium.

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About Data Storage, External

Several types of data storage devices are available from Campbell Scientific. Data storage devices can be used for redundant data storage, additional data storage, or to provide a convenient way to retrieve data from the field site.