The LI7500A is no longer available through Campbell Scientific. We now offer the new EC150 Open-Path Gas Analyzer as an alternate solution.

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At Campbell Scientific, we specialize in rugged, stand-alone data acquisition systems that you can count on for reliable, accurate measurements.

Read how a few customers are using our wireless systems:

Louisiana: Monitoring Bridge Expansion
Bridge Disaster Recover in Minnesota
Kentucky: Wolf Creek Dam Repair

Our systems are customized for specific applications. The following table shows the major components of our systems.

Dataloggers CR1000 Measurement and Control Datalogger
CR3000 Micrologger®
CR5000 Measurement and Control System
CR9000X Modular Measurement and Control System
Telemetry RF430 900-MHz Spread-Spectrum Radio
RF450 900-MHz, 1-W Spread-Spectrum Radio
RAVENXTG Cellular Digital Modem for AT&T
RAVENXTV Cellular Digital Modem for Verizon
Vibrating Wire
AVW200 Vibrating-Wire Interface
AVW206 Wireless Vibrating-Wire Interface