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SoilVue™ One A Complete Soil Profiler
Economical, easy-to-install, excellent soil contact
Accurate TDR-based soil water content, electrical conductivity, and temperature measurements from multiple depths
weather applications water applications energy applications gas flux & turbulence applications infrastructure applications soil applications


The SoilVue™ One Profiler measures volumetric water content (VWC), electrical conductivity (EC), and temperature at six depths (over 0.5 m) or nine depths (over 1 m), depending on the option selected. This profiler is designed for environmental researchers and environmental monitoring network operators, and is ideal for long-term outdoor operation and for applications that require highly accurate measurements.

The SoilVue One Profiler is powered by Campbell TrueWave™ TDR. It includes sensors built into threads, which improves sensor contact with the soil and prevents air-gap errors. The threaded design also allows it to screw into a hole created by a standard 2 in. hand auger. This simple installation procedure reduces cost, complexity, and disturbance of the soil.

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Benefits and Features

  • One instrument to measure VWC, EC, and temperature at six depths over 0.5 m or nine depths over 1.0 m
  • A smooth, high-resolution signal produced by Campbell Scientific’s proprietary TrueWave TDR technology
  • Quick and low-impact installation
  • Improved sensor contact with soil provided by threaded design with sensors built into the threads, preventing error caused by preferential flow of water around the sensor and air gaps near waveguides
  • A standard 2 in. hand auger used for installation, eliminating the need for excavation machinery or expensive proprietary tools
  • Field replacement facilitated by detachable cable
  • Burial method used to obtain deeper measurements and avoid damage from farm implements
  • SDI-12 digital output
  • Designed for long-term outdoor operation


Detailed Description

The SoilVue One consists of TDR circuitry connected to a series of six or nine helical waveguides that make up part of the overall threaded design. The TDR circuitry generates a short rise time electromagnetic pulse that is applied to the helical wave guides. The elapsed two-way travel time of the applied pulse is used to calculate the dielectric permittivity of the surrounding media and determine the volumetric water content using a mixing model.