Event Description

Dr. Ajay Singh of Campbell Scientific, Inc., will be presenting during this webinar by the PVQAT Soiling Group on the topic of "A simple inexpensive method to measure soiling loss on PV modules." 

Dust accumulation studies are important to maximize the economic benefits of PV installations. Soiling is a complex phenomenon that depends on many factors that are tied to the climate of a local site, as well as activities near and around the site. One can model the economic effects of soiling, but these models need site-specific soiling rates. There are several methods to measure the soiling losses at a site. They vary in the complexity of implementation and the scope of measurement. The complexity of monitoring system designs may affect data availability. This presentation will discuss a simple system using ISC to measure the effect of local soiling conditions on PV modules.

Dr. Singh will highlight the CR-PVS1 Soiling Index RTU for Photovoltaic Modules in his presentation.

For more information about the webinar and to join, see the PDF.

Event Details
Date: October 17-17, 2017
Time: 8:00 AM MDT
Location: Webinar

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