2018 Partners Conference Contests Enter your best case study or application photos for a chance to win

Our quest continues for great photos and stories to tell about the unique applications our products are used in. There is no better source for these than you, our partners. We use these photos and case studies to help us tell our story—and you are part of our story.

The 1st place prize for the best entry in the photo contest is an Apple iPad Air. For the case study contest, the 1st place prize is an Apple iWatch. Winners will be announced at the 2018 Partners Conference.

Please follow the instructions for submitting your entries below. These contests are open to all Campbell Scientific partners.

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2017 Photo Contest Winner

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Enter the Photo Contest

Enter your great application photos in the photo contest for a chance to win an iPad Air (128MB). Use the form to enter the photo contest.

(10MB max - tiff, jpg, png)
If you want the photographer to be credited when the photo is used, enter the photographer's name here.

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What are we looking for?
  1. Great photography
  2. Great settings: rugged, hot, cold, dusty, colorful, picturesque, etc.
  3. People. Not a requirement, but we'd like to see people in the photo.
  4. Campbell Scientific systems in the field. Systems don't need to be 100% Campbell products. Use the Description field to describe your photos.

Enter the Case Study Contest

Enter for a chance to win an Apple iWatch! You do not have to submit a finished piece to enter. Simply submit the details and photos of your application, and our writers will compile them into a finished product and send it to you for review. You can enter as many times as you want.

To submit a case study, complete the form below. Please don't submit anything that is confidential or copyrighted.

Who should we contact if we have questions about this?
What is the contact's email address?
Who was involved? Who owns and operates this system? Who installed it?
Where is the system installed (e.g., Bakersfield, CA)?
Why was the system installed?
Which data loggers, sensors, and other major components where used on this project?
What parameters are being measured (e.g., air temp., water level, strain)?
How are the data retrieved?
Is there an existing web page that has more information about this project?
Do you have photos of the project? Combined file size limit of 15 MB.
The following are some guidelines:
  • We would like about 500-800 words of text, but we are very flexible.
  • Explain who the customer is, what the need was, how Campbell products met that need.
  • Please include some, but not a lot, of technical information about the project.
  • It should be as interesting as possible to attract people with that same need to use your services and our products.
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NOTE: We'll try our best, but can't guarantee that every summary will be used. After we receive your information, we'll put together a draft of the case study and send you a copy to review.

What are we looking for?
  1. Stories that show how Campbell Scientific products are helping improve the world.
  2. Stories about how you solved measurement and control challenges using Campbell Scientific products.
  3. Applications that demonstrate the flexibility, reliability, and ruggedness of Campbell Scientific products.
  4. Photos that help tell the story.