paltin international inc.

Contact Information

6309 Sandy St.
West Laurel, MD 20707

Phone: 301.725.0604

Company Introduction

The mission of PALTIN International Inc., a Mid-Atlantic U.S. independent research and technology transfer company, is to promote and introduce real-time water dynamics monitoring and telemetry systems for irrigation, drainage, construction, wetlands, landscape, waste water, hydrology and environmental impact studies at local, regional and global scales. Reliable "ground truth" real-time data is critical for validation and real-time calibration of actual and future remote sensing sensors installed on orbital platforms. Our final goal is to establish, in cooperation with our current and future partners, an integrated global network for monitoring real-time water dynamics in soil, plants and atmosphere useful for customers with Internet access all over the world.

Our services and products solve problems related to:

  • Global climate and fresh water resources dynamics changes
  • Calibration of remote sensing sensors installed on aircraft and orbital platforms versus real-time "ground truth" soil water profile content and dynamics data
  • Water and nitrogen budgets based on historical and real-time GIS and GPS data at hydro-basins and administrative scales (communities, counties, state)
  • Agriculture (BMP under natural rainfall, irrigation and drainage systems), forestry, wetlands protection and real-time water dynamics monitoring

Service Areas

District of Columbia

Supported Applications

Soil Science and Soil Moisture

Certified Campbell Scientific Partner