28742 OBS-3+ Turbidity Sensor for OEMS (No Label) (Case Not Included)
Body Type Options
-SB -SB Stainless Steel Body
Output Options
-2.5 -2.5 0-2.5V Output
-5 -5 0-5V Output
Turbidity Range Options
-T1 -T1 0-250 & 0-1000 NTUs
-T2 -T2 0-500 & 0-2000 NTUs
-T3 -T3 0-1000 & 0-4000 NTUs
-T4 -T4 0-2000 & 0-4000 NTUs

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Common Accessories

OBS-3+CBL-L OBS-3+ or OBS300 Sensor Cable
Cable Length - show details
-L m per sensor cable

Allowed values: 31-305 m, increments of 1 m

CURS100, Needed if using 4-20mA version on CSI Datalogger.
HYDRO-WIPER-D-L OBS-3+ 12Vdc Datalogger Controlled, Mechanical Wiper
May want 1 of 3 optional Wipers
Cable Length - show details
-L m cable per wiper

Allowed values: 1-1000 m, increments of 1 m