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In January 2009, Campbell Scientific replaced the MUXSIGNAL-L with the CABLE4CBL-L, CABLE3CBL-L, or CABLE5CBL-L. The MUXSIGNAL-L was a 4-conductor cable that connected signal terminals (e.g., COM 1H, COM 1L, COM 2H, COM 2L) on a multiplexer to the appropriate data logger input/excitation channels. The MUXSIGNAL cable and the MUXPOWER cable were typically used together for multiplexer operation.

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The "-L" on a product model indicates that the cable length is specified at the time of order.

Detailed Description

The MUXSIGNAL was manufactured out of the Belden 8723 cable. The Belden 8723 cable was chosen for its low capacitance and resistance specifications.

Cable description:

  • 22 Gage Stranded Twisted, two Individually Shielded Pairs
  • (7x30), Polypropylene Insulated, Beldfoil, 100% Shield Coverage, 24 AWG Common Drain Wire
  • PVC Jacket

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