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CR800 code translated into CR310 ?.

jackyjoy123 Feb 11, 2021 07:59 AM


I have a fairly complex program developed by others in the company. I wish to move to CR310 to use the embedded modem, and save cost because I only use 1 com port.

I renamed the .cr8 file into .cr300 and tried to compile. Apart from the USR size which needed changing, and something that was expected in com port 3 (which does not exist on the CR310), I had no issues. I changed that and it compiled fine. SerialIn and SerialOut are the core commands the program is using. 

I understand not sharing the program prevents anyone to confirm, but this is confidential.

My question then is: Do CR310 and CR800 share the same program running capabilities ? Or are there functions that the CR310 cannot run ?

I would expect them not to have any differences but physical such as ports.

Bonus question: Is it the proper way to convert one program format into another for a different kind of logger ?



GaryTRoberts Feb 11, 2021 11:09 AM

I don't have a formal list, but almost everything the CR800 did, the CR300 can do. You are correct, there will be some parameters to some of the instructions that you will need to adjust when moving the program from a CR800 to a CR300. Ports are different and ranges on some parameters are different as well. Also, note that the CR300 really doesn't have a PIPELINE mode. It always runs in sequential mode, so it might take a little longer for the CR300 to run through its scans because of this.

The only way to convert the program is to do it by hand as you are doing. We don't have a converter program. Sorry.

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