Is Archer-PCon compatible with Windows 7 software?

The Archer-PCon Field Data-Collection Package consists of Juniper Systems’ Archer Field PC, Campbell Scientific’s PConnectCE Datalogger Support Software, and the hardware required to connect the field PC to a Campbell Scientific data logger.

PConnectCE was not developed to run on Windows 7. Therefore, some additional steps are needed to get PConnectCE running correctly on a Windows 7 PC. 

There are two issues with PConnectCE and Windows 7. One issue is that, starting with Windows Vista, Microsoft declared ActiveSync obsolete and began shipping the Windows Mobile Device Center instead. The other issue involves the User Account Control (UAC) feature in Windows.

When attempting to install PConnectCE on a Windows 7 PC, a message appears that ActiveSync cannot be found. By continuing with the installation, a failure message related to the UAC may or may not appear. Windows 7, however, has a self-healing feature for application compatibility. To use this feature, do the following:

  1. Start installing PConnectCE for a second time.
  2. Ignore the ActiveSync error.
  3. When a message appears asking if the software should be run in compatibility mode, choose Yes.
  4. The installation will continue. Everything should work correctly after the installation is finished. 

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