What's new in RTMC Pro 4.1?

RTMC Pro 4.1 includes the following enhancements from 4.0:

  • Added an Expression Builder to simplify creating expressions.
  • Added a Rainflow Chart component that displays rainflow data created by a CRBasic Rainflow or RainflowSample instruction.
  • Added Email Profiles that allow the easy use of the same SMTP Server, Username, Password, From, To, Cc, and Bcc fields for multiple alarms, Report Export components, or both.
  • Added the Backed/Veered tab to the Compass to display backed or veered wind direction as a bar on the compass.
  • In multi-screen projects, a red flag now appears on the tab for any screen with an active alarm. (An alarm can be seen when it occurs on a screen that is not currently being viewed.)
  • In CSI Web Server, when an alarm is acknowledged by one web client, all other web clients viewing the page will now see the acknowledgement.
  • Alarm emails now work in CSI Web Server.
  • The Value Forwarder now works in CSI Web Server.
  • Added the functions SelectSwitch, AvgSpa, MaxSpa, and MinSpa to be used in expressions.
  • On a Table Display in RTMC Run-Time, the specific columns to view can be selected.
  • A Time Series Chart, XY Chart, Scope, or Rainflow Chart can now be customized in RTMC Run-Time if that option has been enabled in RTMC Pro.
  • RTMC Pro now works with IPv6 addresses. IPv6 addresses are written as eight two-byte address blocks separated by colons and surrounded by brackets (for example, [2620:24:8080:8600:85a1:fcf2:2172:11bf]). Before RTMC Pro 4.1, only IPv4 addresses were compatible. IPv4 addresses are written in dotted decimal notation (for example, Leading zeroes are stripped for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
    • Note: Although RTMC Pro now works with IPv6 addresses that can be used to specify servers, CR1000, CR3000, and CR800-series dataloggers will not work with IPv6 until a future OS release. To determine when IPv6 compatibility is added to the OS, check the OS Revision History.
  • Miscellaneous other changes have been made. 

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