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Version: 12
File Size: 157kb
Updated: 01-07-2019

Campbell Scientific has introduced a new operating system, OS12, for the CS120A visibility sensor and CS125 present weather sensor. It is fully backwards compatible and is easily installed on all CS120A and CS125 sensors (but not older CS120 sensors). OS12 is available free of charge and can be downloaded or supplied by email on request.

Upgrade to OS12 is recommended.

Changes to both CS120A and CS125

Improvements have been made in OS12 to enable the sensor to report EXCO in the custom message output. 

In Device Configuration, OS12 displays the OS firmware version number that is currently installed in the sensor.  This is to make OS version identification easier.  To benefit from this feature it will be necessary to use the latest version of Device Configuration.

Changes to CS125 only

OS12 adds the function of reading both Temperature & Relative Humidity data from a Campbell datalogger, via SDI-12.

This operating system supports the display of past SYNOP weather codes in the custom message output.  

When using Device Configuration’s settings-editor to make multiple changes to the settings of a CS125, OS12 ensures that saved settings-files can be created and uploaded completely using the Device Configuration’s read function. This does not affect the CS120A.