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From the American Meteorological Society Website:

The AMS Annual Meeting is the world’s largest yearly gathering for the weather, water, and climate community. It brings together great minds from a diverse set of scientific disciplines – helping attendees make career-long professional contacts and life-long friends while learning from the very top people in the atmospheric sciences.

In all issues facing the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and the professions it serves, the first priority should always be to obtain the necessary observations and information. Whether to address numerical weather prediction, climate, situational awareness, economic value of forecasts, societal impacts, or any other need, data-driven, science-driven decisions move our community and society forward.

With the theme “Observations Lead the Way,” the 2017 AMS Annual Meeting unifies the Society’s vision of where the field is right now, and how it will advance in the future. Today’s models simulate and predict on spatial and temporal scales at much higher resolution than the databases used to initialize them. The greater need for advances has always gone back and forth between the observation portfolio or model sophistication, but right now observations are the greatest need. Therefore, the Annual Meeting will hold a special symposium, “Observation Symposium: Progress, Problems, and Prospects,” that will identify the highest-priority observational needs across the weather, water and climate enterprise. In addition, many of the conferences and symposia at the meeting will have sessions addressing the greatest observational requirements in their disciplines.

Register for the "Meteorological Observations, Instrumentation, and Data Assimilation" short course in which Campbell Scientific will be participating. This short course will include a mix of presentations, discussions, and hands on exercises including wiring and programming a data logger (the centerpiece of all weather stations), a world-class mesonet program, the ground-based remote sensing, data assimilation, and the innovative technique of unmanned aerial vehicle.

Stop by the Campbell Scientific booth, #105.

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Date: January 22-26, 2017
Location: Seattle, WA

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