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From the ALERT Users Group Website:

The ALERT Users Group announces their 27th Flood Warning Systems Training Conference. This year’s theme is "Navigating the Future of Flood Warning Together." This event has been held since 1982, providing valuable opportunities for training and discussions concerning effective operation, maintenance and management of real time flood warning systems.

This will be the year’s largest gathering of flood warning professionals. Missing out on this conference may leave your staff without a training opportunity for a considerable time. Our goal for this conference is to provide attendees with an experience that will strengthen and broaden their knowledge of real time flood warning systems. This goal reflects the critical need for trained staff to be able to operate and maintain effective, real time flood warning systems across the country. Significant advances in equipment and software, plus key regulatory changes make it imperative that professional managers and operators of real time flood warning systems keep abreast of these changes. An excellent forum is afforded for public and private agencies to meet and share the latest developments in the flood warning and hydrologic monitoring field.

Real time flood warning networks are critical for saving lives and property during a flood crisis. Successful operation requires qualified, trained staff. Attendees at this conference will have an exceptional opportunity to learn from experts in a broad range of disciplines required for effective flood warning, monitoring and preparedness programs. In-depth workshops and training sessions combine to offer the best instruction concerning topics on technical, planning, regulatory requirements, funding and grant information areas. The conference will provide an opportunity to examine the latest in flood warning equipment, products, software and services, and to meet with trained sales staff who can answer technical and purchasing questions.

Stop by the Campbell Scientific booth, #3.

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Date: April 17-20, 2018
Location: Ventura, CA

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