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From the Western Socity of Weed Science Website:

The Western Society of Weed Science holds its annual meeting every year in the first part of March. Attendance is welcome to anyone interested in various weed science issues. In the past, participants consisted of producers and university, industry, state and federal personnel. We encourage participants from any discipline to attend the meeting and become involved in the society.

The meeting program consists primarily of poster and oral paper presentations. Some years symposiums or other special sessions are organized on topics like herbicide resistance or invasive weeds.

Students are highly encouraged to present their research at the annual meeting. This participation helps become acquainted with how a professional society works and gives future full members valuable experience presenting scientific data.

An awards luncheon and social period provide participants the opportunity to visit with scientists from other areas of the western United States and beyond. Updates from industry personnel provide current information on new technology to help battle weeds.

Stop by the Campbell Scientific tabletop display.

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Date: March 12-15, 2018
Location: Garden Grove, CA

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