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From the U.S. Society on Dams Website:

USSD will hold its 38th Annual Conference & Exhibition for the first time in the state of Florida. The Theme, A Balancing Act: Dams, Levees and Ecosystems, reflects the importance of environmentally sustainable water projects within diverse and sometimes fragile ecosystems.

Dams and levees continue to provide significant benefits to society. These benefits include flood control, water supply, irrigation, renewable energy, navigation, recreation, and habitat and environmental enhancement. Many of our existing dams and levees are poised to provide additional benefits and solutions to some of our nation’s future infrastructure, environmental, social, and economic challenges. This year's conference theme represents some of the unique challenges that coastal environments and delicate ecosystems face, which requires balancing the purposes of dams and levees with environmental, social and economic interests.

Stop by the Campbell Scientific booth, #110.

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Date: Apr. 30 - May. 4, 2018
Location: Miami, FL

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