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From the IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference Website:

PVSC-44’s Technical Program will be divided into 12 areas covering cutting-edge developments in science and engineering of photovoltaics, ranging from fundamentals to applications, with an emphasis on material science, devices, systems, solar resources and policy related matters. On behalf of the Technical Program Committee, we are honored to invite you to submit an abstract on your latest achievements in photovoltaic (PV) research, development, and applications to PVSC-44. PVSC-44 aims to be a highly interactive venue for both seasoned PV experts as well as entry-level professionals and students. The conference provides a unique opportunity to meet, share and discuss PV-related developments in a timely and influential forum. Please contribute to the PVSC's tradition as a premier international conference on the science and technology that can contribute toward a world powered largely by PV systems.

Besides the outstanding Technical Program, PVSC-44 continues its important educational mission by offering a strong Tutorial Program, taught by leading PV specialists. These courses are offered to all of our attendees in order to learn about diverse areas in photovoltaics to enhance, update and broaden their knowledge. The Exhibition area will showcase the latest developments in PV characterization and manufacturing equipment, bringing scientists and engineers together with leading PV industries and organizations.

The scientific and technical content of the 2017 IEEE PVSC-44 will be enhanced by enjoyable entertainment and great international networking opportunities; therefore, we hope that you will enjoy the inspiring experience of being part of one of the world’s greatest conferences dedicated to the science and technology of photovoltaics. Naturally, the IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference welcomes individuals from all backgrounds and nationalities to participate and contribute in a spirit of rational, open inquiry.

Stop by the Campbell Scientific booth, #109.

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Date: June 25-30, 2017
Location: Washington, DC

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