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From the AWRA (American Water Resource Association) Website:

The 2017 AWRA Spring Specialty Conference on Aquatic System Connectivity provides researchers, practitioners and academicians a forum to discuss the latest refinements in connectivity concepts, gain familiarity with state-of-the-science connectivity research, and obtain a broader understanding of the many ways in which connectivity contributes to landscape and aquatic system function.

Over the last several decades, researchers have recognized the importance of ecological, hydrological, and biogeochemical connections among individual aquatic systems. Understanding these connections and their functions requires research to "connect the dots" by examining how individual ecosystem components connect, interact, and affect other ecosystems across space and time. Connectivity describes the degree to which landscape components, such as aquatic and terrestrial elements of a watershed, are joined by various transport mechanisms. It consists of hydrological, biogeochemical, and biological fluxes among landscape, watershed, or system components and characterizes system state along a gradient from fully connected to fully isolated. These connections occur at multiple spatial (complexes, reaches, landscapes, watersheds, subsurface zones) and temporal (daily, seasonal, annual, decadal) scales. Connectivity of aquatic systems is affected by both physical (e.g., climate, geology, hydrology, topography) and biological (e.g., life-history characteristics) attributes and processes. This conference will explore hydrological, geochemical, and biological connectivity between and among various aquatic systems, and characterize emergent effects of this connectivity across space and time. It will also address the policy, legal, economic, regulatory, societal, and related aspects of connectivity.

Stop by the Campbell Scientific tabletop display at table #12.

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Date: Apr. 30 - May. 3, 2017
Location: Snowbird, UT

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