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Land-line Telephone Modems

Telephone communication links require a Campbell Scientific field modem at the datalogger site and a Hayes-compatible modem at the calling end. Surge protection is strongly...

Cellular Telephone Modems

Cellular communication is a convenient alternative for mobile applications or for locations where ordinary phone lines are not established. Cellular communication is advantageous over RF...

Voice-Synthesized Phone Modems

A voice-synthesized modem enables anyone with a telephone to call a datalogger and receive a verbal report of real-time or historical site conditions.

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About Telephone Modems

Telephone communications offered by Campbell Scientific are digital cellular modems, rugged landline modems for field use, and voice modems. Voice modems allow you to access your data via voice or to retrieve data to your computer.

Our phone modems may be combined with other telecommunication links. Typical examples include Phone-to-RF and Phone-to-multidrop. If you have questions whether a particular combination will work, contact one of our Application Engineers.

The datalogger can be programmed to initiate a call to the PC when alarm conditions are met. Alarm conditions can be time, temperature, flow, stage, or any measurement being taken by the datalogger. Call-back is possible via direct connections, radio links, telephone links, or some combinations of these telecommunications paths.

Because telephone device regulations may vary by country, check with your local international sales representative for information on compatibility.

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