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A6REL-12 6-Channel Relay Driver with Manual Override

The A6REL-12 has six internal relays for controlling up to 12 external AC or DC devices. Each relay set can be controlled manually or by...

A21REL-12 4-Channel Relay Driver

The A21REL-12 contains four internal relays that allow a Campbell Scientific datalogger to control up to four external ac or dc devices.

LR4 4-Channel Latching-Relay Module

The LR4 relay module is useful in situations where the power is unreliable or where power needs to be conserved, because it does not need...

7321 SPST Single-Channel Solid-State Relay

The 7321 is a single-channel, solid-state relay that allows a datalogger to control one or two dc devices.

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About Relay Drivers

Relays are devices that can provide power directly to external devices that have modest power requirements, such as the small fans used in our Bowen ratio systems. Alternatively, these relay drivers can provide control signals to heavy-duty external relays that in turn can control power to heavy-duty, high-power equipment such as ventilation fans, aquacultural aerators, refrigeration units, or other electrically powered machinery.
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